Mythical Russian Greens 1935-2016

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Inspired by the mythical might of Russian armor spanning decades, conflicts, and AFV evolution.
This thorough selection of camouflage Greens accurately represents a wide range of iconic Russian vehicles from the early T17 tankette, the iconic T34, KV1, IS series, through to the T-55 – T90s seen on the modern battlefield.
These acrylic and are formulated for maximum performance both with brush or airbrush.

Include colors:

  • A.MIG-019 4BO Russian Green
  • A.MIG-022 3B AU Akidno-Uretanovaya
  • A.MIG-023 Protective Green
  • A.MIG-053 Protective Green NC 100
  • A.MIG-915 Dark Green (BS 241)
  • A.MIG-932 Russian Base

17ml jar each.
Water soluble, odorless, and non-toxic.
Shake thoroughly before each use.
We recommend A.MIG-2000 Acrylic Thinner for thinning.
Dries completely in 24 hours.

Age recommended: 14+


Content: 102,00 ml

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