Here you can find our collection of frequently asked questions.

Shipping / Delivery

How fast is the shipping?

We usually ship within one working day. The transport usually takes an additional 1-2 days. This means that you usually receive your goods in 2-3 days.

What should I do if my package arrives damaged?

If you notice any damage on arrival of the goods, there are two possibilities.

1. You refuse acceptance due to transport damage and contact us. service@torro.de
2. You document the condition directly with several pictures and send them to service@torro.de. We then support you whether or not we open a claim with the responsible logistics service provider.

If there is clear transport damage, you can download the claim form here. With the completed form you can return the damaged parcel directly to the post office and save time.


Service / Support

What possibilities do I have to contact the Torro Service if I have any questions?

You can contact us at any time at service@torro.de or call our hotline at +49 (0) 6026 9988599 between 9:00-16:00 MEZ.

What should I take into account for complaints?

If you have a problem with one of our products, please send a detailed error description to service@torro.de. Image material helps our service staff to process your request as reliably as possible. If the problem cannot be solved by remote maintenance, we will send you a return note.

I would like to have my product repaired, is this possible?

We take over repair requests for our own products. If you are interested, please contact our service.

I would like to rebuild my product and need help

Contact us with your individual request and our service will let you know if your request can be considered.

I have sent in a product, how long does it take to process?

Returns are processed according to the sequence of receipt.
The average processing time depends on the number of requests and is approximately 2-3 weeks.
When your item is returned, you will receive the tracking number by e-mail.

Attention, important note on return shipment: 

In order to avoid additional transport damage, please protect the product before return shipment against the typical transport risks with suitable packaging. 



Which Fairs do you attend? 

A list of the fairs which we attend can be found here.

Do the same conditions apply to trade fair purchases as for the Online Torro Shop?

You will receive the same conditions as in our online shop, unless otherwise stated at the fair.

I have a complaint when buying at a trade fair, what now?

Send us a short mail with the following information or data

  • Copy of proof of purchase
  • Address/address
  • Error description (preferably with pictures/videos)

Questions about Products

Can the wooden box also be bought separately?

No. Since the wooden box is the packaging for our tanks, the wooden boxes can unfortunately only be purchased in combination with our tanks of the Pro-Edition.

Does the warranty expire if I open/screw on a model?

No. In the course of maintenance, the description also points out that various parts should be lubricated. This also includes the gearbox. For this some models have to be screwed on. If this is done with a suitable tool, it does not go out. Modifications or repairs should be discussed with our service if possible, otherwise the warranty will expire.

Permanent Fire Problem Solving - Why is the barrel of my tank retracted?

Infrared IR Tanks: The condition is normal and should automatically correct itself the first time the shot function is activated. Alternatively, if the firing unit starts to fire continuously when switched on, pull the tube slightly forward and trigger the shot, the tube automatically moves into the "correct" position.

Airsoft BB Tanks: If you "interrupt" the shot and the sled inside the unit stops exactly at the apex, an Airsoft tank will enter continuous firing mode.
Remedy: Switch off the model -> disconnect the plug contact (CN3 pins 4 and 5) -> put the model into operation -> activate "end of shot" -> reconnect the plug.

Can I use LiPo batteries in every tank model?

No! The Torro Pro/Hobby Edition, can generally not be used with lithium batteries.
Exception: HengLong models pre-equipped with lithium cells.

What minor changes can I make to the Walterson WT 622005?

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