Battery law / environment / disposal

take-back of used rechargeable batteries and batteries

Our obligation to take back as a dealer:
As a dealer, we are legally obliged to take back batteries and rechargeable batteries purchased from us free of charge. Please accept this offer and help us to keep our environment clean.
Your obligation to return as a consumer:
Batteries and rechargeable batteries do not belong in household waste. Since 1998, all citizens have been obliged to dispose of used batteries and rechargeable batteries exclusively through the trade or the specially set up collection points. If you would like to return your batteries and rechargeable batteries to us, please send them by post to our Torro Service-Center, Biebigheimer Str. 8a, D-63762 Großostheim.

Batteries are marked with the crossed-out garbage can symbol and one of the chemical symbols 
Cd (= battery contains cadmium) Cd: contains more than 0.002 percent cadmium
Hg (=battery contains mercury) Hg: contains more than 0.0005 percent mercury
Pb (= battery contains lead) Pb: contains more than 0.004 percent lead 

Torro GmbH has the battery disposal member number GRS No.: 110042328 and
Battery Law Registration No.: 21002813.
Consumers and electronics law

As a consumer, you have the following options for disposing of electrical or electronic equipment:
1) You use the collection and recycling centres of the public waste management authorities, such as the municipal recycling centre or bulky refuse collection, etc.
2) You can still sell or give away your old appliance or donate it because it is still in good condition and can be repaired by a skilled person if necessary.
3) You have purchased an electrical or electronic device from Torro GmbH which falls under the regulations of ElektroG; in this case you can return your old device of the same type and which essentially fulfils the same functions as the new device to Torro GmbH.
4) You can return old devices that are no longer than 25 cm in size to Torro GmbH regardless of the purchase of a new device. 

The following procedure is available to you at Torro GmbH for the two latter options:
a) You can return your old equipment free of charge to our Service Center; Biebigheimer Str. 8a; D-63762 Großostheim.
b) You can register old appliances with a weight of up to 31 kg and the maximum package dimensions of 120 x 60 x 60 x 60 cm with our service by e-mail and send them to us free of charge (not unfree).
c) For the return of old appliances weighing more than 31 kg or with dimensions larger than 120 x 60 x 60 x 60 cm (but only when purchasing a new appliance from our online shop) please contact our service department to coordinate a pick-up at +49 (0)6026 9988599.

Torro GmbH has approved the WEEE-Reg. No.: DE21964396

packaging regulation

Torro GmbH, Am Ried 7, D-63762 Großostheim is a member in the Zentek dual system. Our membership number is 130680DSZV01.