1/16 RC Panzer III unlackiert IR + Solution Box

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Set aus 1/16 RC Panzer III unlackiert IR und der WWII German Tanks Solution Box



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Almost 5 stars

- Tank comes RTR (Ready to run), just need to charge the battery and add 6x AA batteries to the controller.
- Battery can (only) be charged whilst mounted inside the tank, the charger connects to a port on the back of the tank.
- Lots of metal parts, including the running gear and hull bottom. Thus the tank is fairly sturdy.
- Sound module can be adjusted to be silent up to being rather loud.
- The tank comes with several waterslide decals for different numbers and some logos.
- The solution box comes with a good variety of paints for weathering and an included booklet on how to use them, only an airbrush is not included.
- Metal tow cables are included (details for on the back of the tank).

- The instructions are a bit limited, I feel a lot of the capabilities of the kit are simply not documented. For example some spare wires and channels on the control unit inside the tank.
- My panzer III came partially in a Panzer IV box, a bit odd that one.
- The solution box does not include grey, thus you cant make any camouflages that use grey in them nor have a grey finish. But, I guess youd have bought the pre-painted grey Panzer III in that case.
- Both the commander figure and the remote controller feel a bit out of place for a €500 RC tank, I would more expect these on a cheaper RC tank.
- Im seeing a missed opportunity for including more steel tracks, the spare tracks on the vehicle are all plastic and it wouldve been nice to have real spare tracks.

- Styrofoam packaging does not take the details on the side of the turret into account (the sticking out bits under the hatches), making them break/fall off (easy fix with plastic/superglue).
- No instruction manual on where the plastic details (storage box, fire extinguisher, antenna) that come on sprue are supposed to be mounted, only some of the fender lights are documented.
- Included commander figure comes painted and being a Panzer III unpainted id have preferred the commander to be well, unpainted. A tip for anyone painting eyes on minis: skip the eye white, and yes I say this because they did paint the eyes and it looks awful.
- When you want to mount the metal tow cables to the vehicle youll have to create your own connectors, because those are not included.
- No (easy) way to know how full the battery is, there is no indicator anywhere and checking whether its hot is not super practical when inside the tank. The manual stated to charge the battery (1700 mah) for 1 hour per 400 mah charge, probably from empty. So youre looking at a max of 4 hours and 15 minutes of charging time, even though the manual also states that the tank should be charged for about 8 when the battery is mounted inside the tank, and the manual states to be wary of not overcharging the battery (it gets hot, which we dont notice since its in the tank). But since we dont know how full the battery is, I guess you just have to empty it before hand (then wait at least 30 minutes to cool down) before charging for I guess 4 hours or so.

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