Rommel Meister der Panzertaktik

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German-language book about Erwin Rommel, the <<Wüstenfuchs>>

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About no military commander of the Second World War has been talk with such a big respect by former enemies as of Erwin Rommel, the »Wüstenfuchs«. Background is not only the fact, that he can be associated with the happenings of the 20th July of 1944, but above all, that Rommel was regarded as a clever tactician and exceeding troop leader. The present work examines the reasons, why just Rommel's tactic was so successfull and he gained some of the most spectacular victories of the history of warfare and this oftentimes against a superior number of enemies. This brilliant documentation gives you in addition to a military examination an insight into the eventful life and the fate of the »Wüstenfuchs«.

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