USS Enterprise CVN-65

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Diecast standing model

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The USS Enterprise (CVN-65) was the first nuclear driven aircraft-carrier worldwide and the eíghth navy ship of the United States, that carried this name. As its precessor of the second world war, it was also called the 'Big E'. With 1.123 feet (342 m) it is the longest navy ship worldwide. The Enterprise had a Crew of 4.600 persons and was commissioned on 25. November 1961.

In October 1962 it was sent into its first international crisis. After the discovery, that the Sowjets were building nuclear rocketlaunchers in Cuba, President John F. Kennedy commanded the US Department of Defense to block the delivery of offensive military goods to Cuba and demanded the Sowjets to  take down their launcher locations.

In 1963-1964 the Enterprise carried out its second and third stationing in the Mediterranian Sea. During its third stationing the flight operator was part of the Sea Orbit operation. This operation was the first nuclear driven Task Force, and with the Cruisers Long Beach and Bainbridge, the convoy circumnavigated the world.

In November 1965 the Big E was transperred to the Pacific Seventh Fleet, which put it from the NAS Alameda California to the home porting. On 2. December, the Enterprise was the first nuclear driven ship, that went into battle with the aircrafts against the Vietcong.

On 18. March 1974 the first Tomcats departed and landed on the aircraft carrier. In September of the same year, the Enterprise was the first aircraft carrier that was used for the new fighter aircrafts in the seventh mission in the west pacific (WESTPAC).

In April 1990 the Navy elongated the ship by 22 feet (6 m) to a length of 1.123 ft (342 m) and made other modifications that improved its durability. 

In October 2001 the United States launched air strikes against Al Qaida trainingcamps and Taliban military bases in Afghanistan. These actions intended to stop the use of Afghanistan as a base for terroristic operations and to weaken the military capabilities of the Taliban regime. Within three weeks, almost 700 missiles were launched over Afghanistan by aircrafts of the Enterprise. From September 2003 to February 2004, the role of the Enterprise was to continously support the operation Iraqi Freedom.

On 1. December 2012, the Enterprise was inactivated at the Norfolk Naval Station, Virginia.

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  • Metal and synthetic constructions 
  • Metal lower hull
  • Incl. depicted aircrafts 
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Scale of 1:700

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Width: 12,7 cm
Height: 11,4 cm
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