Battleship HMS Hood

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Diecast standing model

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HMS Hood was the last battlecruiser that was built for the Royal Navy. One of four admiral-class-battleships in mid 1916. The blueprint of the HMS Hood was drastically edited and improved during its construction after the battle of Jütland. The concept, though, still had its limits. Because of this, the HMS Hood was the only one of its class that was completed. It was named after Admiral Samuel Hood from the 18th century.
The Forces of Valor ® Replica is the Battlecruiser that took part in the battle by the Denmark Strait in May 1941.

The HMS Hood took part in a series of flag-waving exercises between its commission in 1920 and the war outbreak in 1939; this included exercises in the Mediterranian Sea and a circumnavigation of the world escorted by special forces in 1923 and 1924. After the outbreak of the second Italo-Ethiopian war, the Hood was part of the Mediterranian Fleet. It was also assigned to the Mediterranian Fleet during the Spanish civil war, until it had to return to England in 1939 to perform an overhaul. At this point of service, the Hood's benefits were low, due to the progress in the field that has been done in the meantime. It was supposed to undergo extensive construction and improvement in 1941, but the outbreak of WWII forced the ship to serve without any upgrades. 
As war was declared against Germany in September 1939, the Hood operated in the area around Iceland and spent the next months hunting for German merchant ship hunters and blockaders between Iceland and the Norwegian Sea. After a short overhaul of its engine, it sailed as a flagship of the Force H and took part in the destruction of the French Fleet in Mers-el-Kebir. Superseded from the Force H, the hood was sent to Scapa Flow and operated as protection, later as defense against potential German Invasion Fleet. In May 1941, the Hood was instructed by the Prince of Wales to catch the German warship Bismarck that was on its way to its convoy in the Atlantic. On 24. May 1941, the Hood was hit by multiple German grenades in the Battle of the Denmark Strait and exploded; the loss had a severe impact on the British. The British Primeminister Winston Churchill instructed the Royal Navy to sink the Bismarck, and they fulfilled his command on 26.-27. May.

Details/Scope of delivery

  • Metal and synthetic constructions 
  • Metal lower hull 
  • Tower rotation
  • You can lift and lower the gun 
  • Delivery includes display 
  • New packaging, without ties and screws, double blister construction

Scale of 1:700

Length: 36,8 cm
Width: 5 cm
Height: 9 cm
Weight: 0,3 kg


Age recommendation: 14+

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