1/24 Type 90 Tank BB

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1/24 Type 90 Tank BB

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1/24 Type 90 Tank BB

True to life reproduction with 2 powerful motors for the drive and 3 additional motors for the additional functions.
Shoot real 25 meters wide with 6mm ammunition.

Through different frequencies, 6 tanks can play at the same time.

Great entry tank with lots of fun! The Type 90 is the main battle tank of the Japanese Self-Defense Forces (JSDF).
Since the construction of the 90 type tank did not start until the 1980s, experience gained by other countries with their battle tanks (such as the USA or Germany) could be implemented in it and mistakes could be avoided. This makes it one of the most modern and sophisticated tanks in the world. You can purchase a realistic replica of the original from us. The Type 90 is an ideal addition to the 1:24 scale models as a modern main battle tank for Abrams or Leopard.

Details/scope of delivery:

Scale: 1/24
Frequencies: 27,40 Mhz 3 Band
Forwards and backwards
2 speeds
turns from a standing position or while driving in all directions
Rotation and super rotation
Combat tower 320° rotatable
Gun can be controlled up and down
Ammunition range: 25 metres
Ammunition can be fired individually, even when driving
40 bullets ammunition storage
Programmable and 6 demo programs allow easy navigation
Track rollers of the chain drive spring-loaded
All driving wheel suspension system!
2 motors, one per chain
Pitch up to 35° possible
Driving time when fully charged: over 60 minutes
2x headlights
2x stop light
camouflage varnishing
Dimensions: L410 x W152 x H132 mm
1-200 rounds of 6mm ammunition
9,6V Ni-Mh. rechargeable battery
9V battery for transmitter also included


Road Wheels:
Lower Hull:
driving and idle wheels: